[RARITA] Seahorse Antioxidant Cream 50ml

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Double Functional Cosmetic for Anti-Wrinkle and Whitening

The Unique Seahorse Cosmetic

Seahorse extract from Jeju Island, Marine collagen, peptides, and 24K gold elasticate and gloss the skin with strong rejuvenating power

This very valuable and rare material for both medicine and food was one of the
tributes paid to the imperial court of ancient China.
It has been known and treasured for its antioxidative ability by not only Korean
and Chinese Traditional Medicines but also by traditional therapies in Australia and
New Zealand.

Antioxidant Complex

8 ingredients for antioxidant efficacy including pine bark extract, astazanthin, aristotelia chilensis fruit extract, quercetin, and peptides revitalize the skin

8 Jeju Premiun Ingredients

8 natural ingredients from Jeju Island including mineral lava seawater, instead of purified water, are contained for clear and healthy skin

HOW TO USE : Take an appropriate amount and smooth gently over the entire face