[Neulii] BHA PHA Skin Moisturizing Peeling Pad 140ml 4.73oz

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Neulii BHA PHA Skin Moisturizing Peeling Pad

Wipe the skin trouble gently everyday with Neulii BHA PHA 5.5 Peeling Pad


Product Specification 

Compound peeling ingredients BHA 0.5% + PHA 5% = BHA PHA 5.5


Product Effects

Refining skin texture : Soothes skin, refines texture, and remove excessive sebum and dead skin cells

Brightening Skin : Increases radiance and glow of damaged skin from UV and skin aging 

Moisturizing skin : Makes moisture protective film that provides the skin with moisture and nutrition after removing dead skin cells 


Main Ingredients 

Betaine Slicylate, Gluconolactone, Super-Antioxidant Cocktail, Aqua-proVita D3